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How To Have A Celebrity Style Wedding Reception On A Budget

Have you always dreamed of an elaborate wedding reception, but have settled with a simple reception to save money and time? Well, you shouldn’t have to compromise. Your wedding is a special day and you don’t have to look back wishing you had done things differently. It is in your best interest to create the wedding that will be most memorable and happy for you and your future husband or wife. Despite widespread notions, having a celebrity-style wedding reception doesn’t have to mean cleaning out your bank account.

By using some unique resources you can have the wedding reception to rival those of celebrities, but without the expense. Many couples feel they need to impress their guests with a lavish wedding reception so as not to appear cheap, or feel that people are thinking “I would have done that differently”. Whereas in the vast majority of cases the guests are really there to celebrate your big day right along with you and your spouse-to-be.

Despite widespread notions, having a celebrity-style wedding reception doesn’t have to mean cleaning out your bank account.

Get Organized

Before you can actually start putting your celebrity-style wedding reception together, you need to get organized. Think about what you and your future life partner want. At this stage, don’t worry about cost. When you get to the shopping stage you will be able to determine what is achievable or not. A general rule of thumb is to book vendors in the order of importance, it may seem obvious but the bigger the wedding the more you will need to spend.

The main items you should include on your list are wedding venue, decorations, food and drink, place cards, centerpieces, and entertainment. A great tool for making wedding plans and organizing invitation cards and a whole plethora of templates you can utilize is, its a literal one-stop-shop when it comes to figuring out how to preparing for your wedding.

How Big Is Your Wedding Going To Be?

Knowing who and how many people guests will be attending is crucial, for some people being the center of attention and having lots of guests can be daunting and would prefer only a few people to attend. Finding free venues such as beaches, parks etc. is a way to cut costs if you’re thinking of having only a few guests. Another option is holding the reception in your own home or perhaps asking friends as that could be their wedding gift to you. Another consideration is if you are going to use a wedding planner or not, there are 2 types to choose from eg: A wedding planner and an on-site wedding planner. An on-site wedding planner will arrive on the day to ensure everything is running smoothly, they will handle the entire running of the event without bothering guests or the nuptials-to-be.

Alternatively a wedding planner will assist you in creating your plan for your wedding throughout the entire process, some couple will invest in a wedding planner portfolio instead of hiring someone to organize their wedding. Especially if they feel they can plan it themselves these are always a very handy tool to purchase, have a wide range of wedding planners you can view. Wedding planner portfolios/albums are great for figuring out what kind of vibe and theme you wish to set for your wedding

Enlist the Troops

If you want to save money on your wedding reception skip hiring a professional. These individuals are typically highly skilled in what they do and their fees show it! Your best bet is to find people who are willing to help you for free. You shouldn’t have to look further than your family and friends.

Enlist the services of as many people as possible. This includes children. Children can be especially helpful with repetitive tasks, so include them in your wedding reception plans. Don’t wait until the very last minute to ask for help. Let people know ahead of time that you will need them to help you with your wedding reception.

Time to Shop

With your list of wedding reception ideas in your hot little hand, it is time to start shopping. The venue for your wedding reception will probably be the most cost-intensive part of the reception. Cheap alternatives that don’t look cheap include restaurants and church halls. If you choose to have your wedding reception at a restaurant, make sure that you can use your own flatware, plates, and glasses. You can purchase elegant versions of these at discount shops for less than $100, depending on the number of guests you invite.

Simplify food at your wedding reception by having three choices from which your guests can choose when they RSVP to your invitation. Caters charge less when you order by the plate. As an added touch you can place a delicious array of divinity on each table. For your centerpieces and decorations, hobby shops offer the value for money. You can find design ideas that you can create and your troops can create for very next to nothing. Place cards aren’t a necessity, but if you have assigned people at tables, place cards will help people to find their table. You can create your own wedding reception place cards by purchasing an inexpensive greeting card software program and elegant paper ( is a great place to try this out).

You will need an inkjet printer to print the cards. Unless you know someone who will offer you a cheap price for wedding reception music, skip the DJ and the live band. Creating a few CDs of various popular love songs is a less expensive choice. Its also not a bad idea to repurpose your décor as you may be able to use it in your home at a later date.

Knowing who and how many people guests will be attending is crucial.

…And Finally

A wedding dinner with the wedding party (bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents) just before the wedding ceremony is traditional. It is a great idea to either invite your wedding reception helpers to this dinner or to a separate fun event. At this event you should show your appreciation for helping make your wedding reception the best ever!

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